IT Consultancy

Techpearl provides expert consultancy for all your software needs. We help in strategy, design and
architecture for cutting edge IT products.

The software industry is very vast and hence one individual cannot have complete knowledge of all aspects of the industry. An individual or a team will have expertise over a particular software or few softwares. But, the clients will require assistance regarding other softwares and applications.

Software Consulting is providing expert knowledge in the software space to a third party for a fee. Software consulting is most often used when a company needs an outside, expert opinion regarding a business decision.

The definition of Software consulting is often misinterpreted that all the work is done by the consultant. Software Consulting DOES NOT include:

  • Working for a ‘software consulting’ company is not software consulting.
  • Writing code for pay is not software consulting.
  • Writing code for pay while sometimes offering opinions is not software consulting.
  • Acting as a project manager or tech lead for a team building software for a client is not software consulting.

Consulting is when a client is paying the professional exclusively for their expertise on a topic. If they pay for his or her expertise and then also pay for service delivery, then, in sequence, they are starting as a consultant and then becoming a service provider. There’s no law saying that one can’t offer multiple things or switch modes. But a person is only consulting when people pay for that person’s knowledge/opinions/expertise.

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Techpearl provides expert consultancy for all your software needs. We offer consultancy services on its own, or a package deal that can include software consultancy, support, and product development. Clients can choose services from our flexible packages and payment options.

With a passionate pursuit of the latest trends in technology and identifying ways in which they can leverage them to the benefit of our customers, we, at Techpearl, continuously provide our clients with technological advice that achieves business transformation.

We help you with the most relevant solutions that ensure the resources invested are worth it. Leverage our software consulting services to create a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation of your business that works up to the mark with your business objectives.

Software Consulting Service Process

Software Consulting Service Process

Our consultancy services include

Business requirements

Understanding and gathering your business requirements

Every business has a list of very specific requirements from the software it uses which are determined by the processes it uses and the way that it interacts with its customers and suppliers.
Our experienced software consultants will work with all of the key parties to fully understand the business goals, its processes, and both current and future challenges. They will then provide a clear and detailed list of requirements that can form the basis of the future project.

Review and validation of existing business requirements

If an internal requirements gathering process has already taken place, our experienced team of consultants can provide an external, independent assessment to ensure that all factors have
been taken into account and help identify any gaps.

Review and validation

Strategy and solutions

Comprehensive software strategy and solutions

Using the requirements documentation our team can then work with you to develop a comprehensive, bespoke software solution to meet the needs of the business. Once agreed, the solution will then be ready for implementation.
Our teams’ involvement at that stage can be as much or as little as you wish, from providing ongoing consultancy as required during the project, assuming a project management and oversight role, or delivering the entire project from start to finish.

Why Choose Us For Software Consulting Services?

Outsourcing your requirement with us can help your business to navigate and get through a transition most effectively, and with fewer problems than with relying on your own in-house expertise.

  • Financial Savings
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Expertise
  • Support
  • Accurate Analysis
  • Software Advice

We try to take as much of the risk out of big software projects for our customers as possible. We work hard to finish our projects on time, on budget, and we make sure your users receive training and support.

Before we begin to architect a custom software solution, we delve into the true business drivers for the technology. We execute the detailed work of designing and developing technical solutions with those business drivers in mind.

Each project we deliver incorporates some element of custom software development, which allows us to tailor a truly tailor-made solution, whether you buy or build, to your needs.