Akshara is a suite of learning and exam oriented applications for CBSE class 10, Karnataka SSLC, and BSc Nursing. Akshara applications are Student friendly, Budget friendly and Result oriented. Akshara apps are supported on Android Mobiles and Tablets



Extract of the chapter from EXAM perspective

Easy to understand and absorb

Attractive and engaging format

Page design with nice typography, visuals in a friendly format for better understanding

Definitions, Comparisons, Images, Mnemonics, Worked examples, Concept maps, Observations and Inferences

Akshara Summary
Akshara Flashcards


Learning drills

Aids in memorization and recall

Maximum of 5 to 10 minutes to review all the cards in a chapter

Concepts, Formulas, Equations, Diagrams, Symbols/Sign, Mnemonics, Abbreviations, Rules, Application of concepts and formulas



Test conceptual understanding, comprehension, and critical thinking

Solution explained for each question

Coverage - from EXAM perspective

Concepts, Formulas, Equations, Diagrams, Symbols/Signs, Mnemonics, Abbreviations, Application of concepts and formulas, Rules

Akshara Quiz
Akshara Question Bank

Question Bank

Additional questions for practise

Comprehensive set of questions and answers from EXAM perspective from past question papers and other sources

Questions are classified based on marks

Covers the entire chapter