Swae is a decision making system which makes the process of organizational decision making easy and linear. Swae combines anonymity, AI and collective intelligence to help unleash the creativity of your team to collectively build bottom-up solutions and get better quality decisions. All your biggest decisions in one place, make decision-making intelligent, efficient and a source of competitive advantage, without chaos or added work for management.


In-app document editor

Swae provides users with an in-app document editor with formatting tools for creating well-formatted documents.

Integrated CKEditor

We have customized and integrated the popular WSYSIG editor CKEditor to enable rich text editing features

Inline comments and suggestions

We have created an inline commenting and suggesting experience using CKEditor and annotator.js


Responsive UI

We have built SWAE’s web application UI as responsive UI to make it work seamlessly in devices ranging from large desktops/laptops to mid & small sized tabs and smart phones.

Support for all major browsers

We support all major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge, and the mobile devices running on IOS & Android


AWS Serverless

SWAE makes maximum use of serverless technology stack provided by AWS which allows to build, secure and run backend code without any manual server setup, managing and scaling overhead which is automatically handled by AWS

AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda

AWS API Gateway acts as brdige between API endpoints and lambda

AWS Dynamodb and ElasticSearch

Dynamodb is used as primary datastore with elasticsearch for search


AWS Cognito

AWS Cognito is used of identify management and Enterprise integration

AWS Amplify & Gitlab

AWS amplify integrated with gitlab is used to enable continuous integration and deployment

Backend deployment

For the backend deployment, we use serverless framework, an open-source library built to develop and deploy AWS Lambda serverless applications.



Client was built using one of most popular front-end frameworks

React JS allows to create re-usable, stateless independent components which results in faster development cycles and cleaner code.

React JS improves the performance of the application by avoiding unnecessary re rendering of DOM by using react virtual DOM


Agile Methodology

Agile software development processes were followed using tools like Jira and Asana

Short sprints

Short weekly or bi-weekly sprints were followed which allowed a close working relationship with customer and enabled quick iterations without loosing much time.

Frequent Releases

We make frequent production releases to ensure that the end users try out the features as soon as they are built and we also get quicker feedback from our users.