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Techpearl provides expert consultancy for all your software needs. We help in strategy, design and architecture for cutting edge IT products.

IT Consultancy

We offer a wide range of services that benefit our customers.. We provide real and practicable solutions to each of our client’s needs, using the touch of human input in an increasingly all-digital world. Our services range from software product architecture and design. performance and scalability finetuning, and enhancements in software development processes.
We place innovation at the heart of everything we do and build solutions based on your needs, choosing technology that is most apt for your business end goals.

Software product architecture and design

Here is some of the work we have done


One of our customers wanted to build an extension to their product suite which was based on the Java and Postgresql stack. They consulted with us to help them build a scalable, secure module which had to be taken to the market in a very short span of time. 

They went live with the new module built from scratch using Amplify, ReactJS, AWS Cognito, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS Dynamodb in a couple of weeks. This provided significant cost savings in development and running the production environment.

An existing customer wanted to build an integration with a video platform for webinars and virtual conferences. We took the approach of building microservice using AWS Cognito, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Dynamodb. The microservice abstracted the integration and kept the integration details isolated from the legacy system so that microservice can be extended to offer integration with multiple video platform vendors. It costs less than $5 a month to maintain the microservice.


Performance and Scalability

process deployed by swae

Performance and scalability improvements involve

  • understanding system design and physical deployment of systems,
  • gather metrics related to system behaviour.
  • If required, design performance tests using industry standard tools (locust, loadrunner, Jmeter etc) simulating real workload
  • observe at system metrics, cache usage, database queries etc
  • come up with solutions involving scaling up, scaling out, rearchitecting, rewriting queries, including cache layers etc

Our methodology resulted in solutions which resulted in improving our customers scalability and performance

  • Cache server hitting memory limit (32 bit to 64 bit build, redis as cache service, as redisenables sub millisecond response times for real time requests, like in intensive applications like gaming, ride hailing, or leaderboards, etc).
  • Move web server, application server and database to different physical servers, thereby enabling scalability in the solution
  • Move queue modelling out of the SQLServer to a standard queuing system (AWS SQS)
  • Leverage serverless technologies for critical and non-critical operations like import,report generation and also regular business operations

Process improvements- Build, methodology

Every team is unique and so are the processes and tools needed for effective operation of the team.The needs change as the team grows over a period of time. Most teams end up operating at suboptimal levels as they grow in size and as their codebases

As part of the engagement, we work very closely with the teams to identify the processes and tools required for optimal delivery. This may include tools for project management, souce code management, CI/CD, development processes, testing and release processes. 

Typically this would be an engagement where we would work with the team for a relatively longer period of time to understand their processes and issues. Over time we would evolve practicable solutions that suit the individual team, operationalize these solutions, and deliver custom methodologies so that the team becomes capable of replicating these, and grows increasingly self-sufficient in their own right.

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