Custom Development Services

We create simple, responsive and user friendly web applications for you. We have extensive experience building end to end web applications.

Web Development

Projects do not always fall under web or mobile development and we at techpearl ensure that the customer’s needs are heard and catered to . We try to present novel ways to tackle a technology problem. We have included a few examples of such projects here.

Badge Printing

Badge printing from the iPad was done for an event management company to print badges for conference participants.. Badge sizes were dependent on printers and the content to be printed had to be formatted dynamically to fit into the badge.

Bigmarker Microservice

  • Microservices have the advantage of being scalable, efficient, composed of well defined distinct APIs, representing a shift from monolithic architecture. 
  • We have built multiple microservices leveraging AWS Serverless technologies.
  • Microservices were exposed using AWS API Gateway with Cognito being the authorization provider. Business logic layers were run on EC2 or Lambda and data was served from RDS or Dynamodb.
  • Serverless based implementation brought the price dramatically down to $2/month for one of our integrations with Bigmarker Video Meeting service.

Payment vGateway Integrations

  • We offer a range of payment GateWay integrations for your app, web pages, and software suites including: Stripe, Paypal,, Blackbaud, Cardconnect, etc. These enable your customers and partners to transact through card payments, netbanking, and the other modalities you’d come to expect

Forecast algorithm using Machine Learning from AWS Forecast

Amazon Forecast enables users with little to no machine learning knowledge to leverage statistical and machine learning algorithms to predict business demand, plan inventory cycles, forecast web traffic, and workforce requirements
We have built a module to provide sales forecasting using the AWS Forecast services.

To learn more about how we managed to achieve this check out our blog here.

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AWS Chime SDK Integration

AWS Chime SDK provides a video meeting solution. We have used the low-level APIs provided by AWS Chime, which provided lot of control in how the solution shaped up

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Chat and Real Time notifications

Made use of AWS Appsync and Dynamodb to build a custom chat solution for an existing product suite, This architecture allowed us to handle spikes in chat traffic. Right from deployment to handling scale the serverless architecture worked brilliantly to keep the cost down and the solution went to market very quickly

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Chat Integration

We made use of sendBird SDK to put together a custom chat solution for an existing product suite. We have also built Chat using AWS Appsync and Dynamodb

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Realtime notification

Built a AWS Appsync based solution to replace the existing poll based solution.

It is an Amazon-like Experience Solution with AI, Analytics, B2B Processes and Supply Chain Solutions for Wholesalers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Retailers, and Franchises. Customizable Order and Invoice management, Multiple payment gateway support, Built in ERP integration makes Semba a very powerful platform that enables quick go to market for existing businesses.

Swae is a decision making system which makes the process of organizational decision making easy and linear. Swae combines anonymity, AI and collective intelligence to help unleash the creativity of your team to collectively build bottom-up solutions and get better quality decisions. All your biggest decisions in one place, make decision-making intelligent, efficient and a source of competitive advantage, without chaos or added work for management.

Avance is a cloud monitoring web app which provides visibility into a customer’s organization’s cloud spend, wastage and security. It also enables customers with recommendations to manage their organization’s spend in the cloud in scenarios where large instances are not utilized to the fullest or not utilized at all. It alerts customers when their cloud infrastructure is at risk due to security violations or mis-configurations.

Why we are the Best in Web Application Development

We at Techpearl understand that web application development can range from the simplest application to the most complex. We have been building web applications since the inception of the company and our founders have been building web applications since the time web application development started. We prioritize our clients and deliver predictable quality within the agreed upon time frame. We develop green-field products (typically V1) and have the ability to adapt and grow from the basic concept till the final enterprise. We work hand-in-hand with client business’ personnel to match the requirements, provide suggestions, explore possibilities, etc.

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