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Engagement Models

Choose how you want to work with us

We follow agile development practices and lean principles to ensure good customer engagement and efficient delivery. Agile and Scrum that enables the delivery of high-priority feature first, flexibility to adapt to changes and produce better quality in less time.

We use stern policies for source-code and project management for the security of your code.

We have strong NDA so that your ideas and code are secure.

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Starter Success

A core component of Lean Startup is the build-measure-learn feedback loop. Build the core concept and evaluate your idea in the real market.

The 3 month MVP development model helps you to gather market feedback, minimize risk and plan for further funding.

Get your MVP out in 3 months for USD 15K.


Want to build a prototype or need to move or migrate to newer technology stack.

Have a performance or scalability problem or need consultation with software architecture strategy, process improvement?

We can also work with your development team as its extension.

We can work together to solve any challenges you face