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Pearlbot for Real Estate

Turn website visitors into hot prospects with personalized chat, boost your qualified lead flow, and watch your revenue soar.


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24/7 Availability

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Personalized Experience: Users see properties relevant to their specific needs and preferences.

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Increased Engagement: Relevant recommendations keep users interested and searching longer.

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Improved Conversions: By suggesting properties users are more likely to like, recommendations can lead to more sales or rentals.

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Lead Generation

Pearlbot collects the users data by asking a few questions and also by analysing the saved searches, viewed listing. Implicit data like time spent on listings and scroll depth can also be used. Pearlbot uses this data to predict which properties a user is most likely to be interestedin. This can be incredibly helpful for both buyers and renters, saving them time and effort in their search.

Our machine learning algorithms can learn from vast datasets to identify complex patterns and make more accurate predictions.

Factors like demographics, commute times, and school locations can be incorporated for a richer understanding of user needs. The bot can answer questions about the property suggested or selected by the customer – like facing of house, date of delivery, nearest schools/ clubs/ etc..,

Capture leads in the management system.

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Pre Sales

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Allow users to easily book appointments with agents or schedule self-guided tours without waiting for business hours.

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Engage the user in a conversation and provide information about the loan options, information about the documents needed for applying for a loan etc. Can explain the terms and conditions.

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Routing customer to an agent based on rule and then learn - which customer to be given to which telecaller - with knowledge of customer background and telecaller’s performance.

Post Sales / Internal Bot

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Keep your customers engaged proactively till they are ready to move in. Help them with any queries they may during the process.

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Welcome new homeowners: Send automated welcome messages and provide helpful resources about the community or property management.

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Answer ongoing questions: Assist homeowners with common questions about maintenance, amenities, or community rules.

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Facilitate communication with property management: Offer a channel for homeowners to report issues, request repairs, or schedule appointment with management.

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Promote additional services: Upsell related services like rental management, property maintenance, or insurance renewals.

Intellibots - For Managements

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Company analytics at fingertips: This bot shows the company;s performance to the top management with simple questions. Ex: How many houses got sold in the last month.

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Track Engagement: Track user engagement across channels to uncover areas that requires more effort for customer retention analyses and improve chatbot performance, chatbot that provides insight on user activity and engagement.

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