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Swae is an all-in-one decision making and governance tool empowering the next generation of Web3 DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) communities. Techpearl continues to work as the technology partner to Swae since 2017 and handles the end to end product development covering deployment of engineering processes & tools. AWS serverless architecture was adopted to provide a cost effective solution.

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Collaborative Decision Making




Since 2018


Full Stack Web Development

Client Testimonial

Soushiant Zanganehpour

CEO & Founder of Swae

Swae is an all-in-one idea management and decision-making platform for decentralized and distributed communities.



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5 M+

Value of innovation ideas sourced through Swae so far

1000 +

Missions have been created and solved by Swae’s users


Countries (and counting) are represented in Swae’s user base

50 %

Improvement in time saved by administrators managing idea generation programs



organizational decision-making

Swae is a decision making system which makes the process of organizational decision making easy and linear

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Swae combines anonymity, AI and collective intelligence to help unleash the creativity of your team to collectively build bottom-up solutions and get better quality decisions

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All your biggest decisions in one place, make decision-making intelligent, efficient and a source of competitive advantage, without chaos or added work for management

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Business Challenge

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The cost of missed opportunities resulting from closed, top-down decision making processes are enormous

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Cognitive biases are part of being human, we all have them. But when we bring these unchecked biases into a decision-making process, it often leads to very bad outcomes that create negative impacts on organizations bottom line, culture, and performance

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Swae was built to solve the above problems. It brings all voices to the table and shares the power of idea meritocracy. This inclusive platform tackles barriers and silos to bring hidden insights to organizations so they can make smarter decisions and innovate faster


Business Solution

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Create A Mission

• Decision-Maker creates a “Mission”
• Sets success metrics

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Crowdsource Solutions

• Stakeholders / Employees upload creative ideas anonymously for that mission or submit their own proposals for consideration

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Refine Pitch With AI

• AI editor improves stakeholder Ideas with NLP suggestions

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Crowd Editing

• Stakeholders and employees can suggest improvements to ideas anonymously and point out risks
• Crowd voting helps filter good vs. bad ideas

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Decision Making

• The most engaging ideas automatically bubble up for decision based on degree of improvement and level of engagement
• Decision-Maker reviews best proposals transparently & using metrics

business solutions provided by swae


Process Deployed

process deployed by swae
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Agile Methodology

Agile software development processes were followed using tools like Jira and Asana

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Short Sprints

Short weekly or bi-weekly sprints were followed which allowed a close working relationship with customer and enabled quick iterations without losing much time

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Frequent Releases

We make frequent production releases to ensure that the end users try out the features as soon as they are built and we also get quicker feedback from our users

Tailored Agile Process

We proposed & implemented a tailored agile development process meeting stringent & rapid market release requirements. We deployed a scrum based agile practice (sprint planning, backlog refinement, daily stand-up, sprint review, sprint retrospective) with a sprint cycle of 3 weeks (after attaining process maturity). This helped deliver valuable features in every sprint incrementally in fast cycles


Technologies Leveraged

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+ OKTA Integration

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Built-in integration with OKTA.

Learn how to integrate OKTA as a SAML identity provider in an Amazon Cognito user pool.

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