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SEMBA provides an enterprise level B2B digital cloud commerce platform. It provides an Amazon-like experience with AI, Analytics, B2B Processes and supply chain solutions for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers and franchises.

Customizable order and invoice management, multiple payment gateway support, Built in ERP integration makes Semba a very powerful platform that enables quick go to market for existing businesses.



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Asis Biswas

CEO, SEMBA Technologies

SEMBA is an easy-to-use B2B digital cloud commerce platform for enterprises.



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SEMBA is a digital cloud commerce platform that provides ready-to-go solutions for complex B2B processes

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It enables discovery, procurement, and purchasing of products, leveraging advanced analytics and provides enterprises a superior and customizable eCommerce experience

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The highly configurable platform streamlines omnichannel sales processes and brings state of the art experiences to customers and sales teams

Semba overview
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Business Challenge

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Enterprises have eCommerce and procurement needs that are not solvable with solutions that target B2C businesses, making them ill-equipped to build long lasting, efficient business processes. This leads to a great loss of time, money, inventory & data procurement issues and growth pains. Despite the need for a full suite solution, available products offer only a partial toolkit.

Existing Limitations In B2B ECommerce Solutions

  • Do not bring all stakeholders like customers, sales teams and supply chain on the same platform
  • Lack of complete visibility to customer needs & do not have ability to respond to change
  • Lack key out of box features. Do not meet stringent uptime and availability requirements


Business Solution - (All On One System)

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All On One system

By bringing customers, sales team, and supply chain all on one system, SEMBA helps you adjust as your customers’ expectations change

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Greater Visibility

With a single system for customer interaction, order entry, and after sales interaction, SEMBA gives you complete visibility to your customers’ needs so you can plan ahead

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Be Ready For Anything

Whether you are opening a new division or acquiring a new business which requires you to change or create new processes for your customers and sales team, SEMBA provides the agility necessary to respond to your changes

Semba Solutions for a Digital Transformation


Business Solution - (Top Out Of Box Features)

Semba features
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Shopping Cart Features

With SEMBA’s artificial intelligence, we customize product recommendations and recognize top selling products. The customer can reorder lists and recommendations, as well as schedule orders and make credit card payments

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B2B Features

Our B2B features include the versatility of multi-branding, multi-stores, multi-catalogs, and multi-ship. Pickups can also be scheduled, pick up and delivery (COD), and sell on payment terms

Invoice & Statements

The SEMBA platform offers convenient online invoices and payments, accessible from anywhere. Customer statements are also catalogued online. Invoice reminders, including late invoice reminders, keep payments on track. Credit card payments and ACH payments are easily completed with SEMBA’s streamlined


Technologies Used

Technologies used in Semba



Supports diverse industries – Brick & Mortar Stores, Manufacturers, Retail, distributors and whole salers, Franchises

200 M+
Transaction Value
2000 +
Happy Users
90000 +
99.99 %
System Availability

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