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Experts in building serverless applications. Modern applications are built serverless-first, a strategy that prioritizes the adoption of serverless services, so you can increase agility throughout your application stack.

Faster to market

By eliminating operational overhead, MVPs can be released quickly to market.

Increased innovation

With a modular architecture, changes to any individual application component can be made quickly, and with a lower risk to the whole application.

Reduced costs

With a pay-for-value pricing model, modern applications reduce the cost of over-provisioning or paying for idle resources.


Adapt at scale

With technologies that automatically scale from zero to peak demands, needs can be adapted faster than ever.

No Devops

Leverage managed services for compute, storage and other integration services.

Improved reliability

By automating test procedures, and monitoring at every stage of the development lifecycle, modern applications are reliable at deployment.

Product attitude in implementing your ideas We work with transparency and predictability to meet your daily business challenges and your customers' needs. You worry about your business problems and leave the technology challenges to us.

Web Development

Web apps are today's necessity. With our deep experience in angular & react frameworks and our expertise in full stack end to end development, You can focus on your business problem and let us handle the technology challenge for you.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are now a necessary part of any company's offering. We have deep expertise in building mobile apps in native android, ios and hybrid apps. With our expertise in full stack development, we
can build end to end mobile solutions for you.


Custom Development

You may have needs which do not not fall into any typical digital solution category, we can make a custom solution for you be it writing some microservices to enhance your existing system or develop a multi channel, multi platform solution for your business.

Software Consultancy

We back-up our clients not only with code but our expertise in building software solutions. From a outsourced CTO to process transformation, we can help you with our consultancy and take you
through your digital transformation.